"2 28" is based on a once anonymous blog that was started on February 28th, 2008.

The blog chronicled the day to day emotional roller coaster of suddenly testing positive for HIV. From an onslaught of doctor visits, an out of control viral load and a deteriorating relationship, the blog became a means to divide the fear, destruction & hopelessness that life had suddenly become into an outlet for which there was a degree of separation from the negativity & depression the virus built around it.

The web series evolved from this blog and attempted to stay true to the journalistic nature of the entries while maintaining the emotional immediacy that the new world and turns of events created.

Intercut with the visuals & spoken entries is a simple story of a small boy who enters the narrator's life much in the same way as the news of HIV: sudden & without purpose or logic.

The boy soon plays as a metaphor to the fragile, unstable nature of the virus and, much in the same way, how the narrator navigates this ongoing relationship and finds balance between destruction & harmony becomes a delicate & seemingly insurmountable objective.

"2 28" strives to recreate a modern visceral & American experience of fear, questioning & hope that is brought on by this now thirty year old pandemic.

You can find the original blog here.